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Why May 26 Will Be The BEST Day Ever

Why May 26 Will Be The BEST Day Ever

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In case you haven’t heard, on May 26 the legendary TV show, Arrested Development, will make a roaring return to a Netflix screen near you!

If you like dysfunctional families, inappropriate humor, clueless grown-ups, magicians who ride around on Segways, a failed psychologist who thinks he’s a member of the Blue Man Group, dramatic family lawsuits, and the most awkward person alive (Michael Cera), then make sure to tune in.

Arrested Development also teaches us important life lessons, like what to say if you don’t understand someone, how to use proper grammar, how to greet your siblings, and how to get your child’s attention. Truly, it’s a life-transforming and informative show.

In case you don’t know her already, let me introduce you to my favorite character of the family, Lucille Bluth; a 60-something mom who winks when she drinks, refuses to dine anywhere that isn’t a country club, outwardly criticizes her children, and fosters an unhealthy and clingy relationship with her youngest son. Not to mention she has the best one-liners. In case you find her just as amusing as I do, check out BuzzFeed’s “28 Ways To Live Life Like Lucille Bluth.”

In the meantime, make sure to do your research, catch up on all the inside jokes, character developments, and plot lines before the new season airs. That way, you’ll be ready to rumble as soon as Netflix simultaneously streams the entire season.

Who else will be staying up until midnight on May 25? Dedicated fans at mm/c, let yourselves be known!

Posted by Carolyn