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Will Google’s Goggles Be A New Accessory We Can Expect To See By 2013?

Will Google’s Goggles Be A New Accessory We Can Expect To See By 2013?

Image source Gearfuse

I was eight when I first dialed up on AOL.

I can’t imagine going to a library and using the Dewey Decimal System for research.

I get pissed if a public place doesn’t have wireless (does that still happen?!).

Technology has played a huge role in the way I grew up. Duh, old news, I know. But in response to our upbringing in the age of iPhones, Google, and Facebook, I think a lot of “millennials” have started contemplating where to draw the line between what’s cool and what’s borderline creepy.

Cue the introduction of “Google Goggles,” expected to be revealed by 2013. Resembling sunglasses, these babies sit centimeters away from your eyes and stream info about whatever you’re looking at. Stopped in front of a restaurant? Put on the glasses and reviews of its food and service will pop up. On vacation in Rome? Expect historical facts to appear on the lens. And my favorite — see someone you know but can’t place him? Face recognition technology, if approved, could pull up his Facebook page confirming his identity, location and education.

Cool? I guess. But I can’t be the only one weirded out by the idea of walking around with a computer on my face, right? Not to mention the whole lack of privacy thing. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but will people really be receptive to the goggles’ camera capturing everything they see in real time? Who knows — I also didn’t understand the point of Twitter three years ago and thought FourSquare was the equivalent of a stalker’s paradise…and look at me now. Maybe in 2015 I’ll have no other choice than to rock Google Goggles…in the most technologically stylish way possible, of course!

Posted by Kate