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Will You Be Paying with Cash or Hand? marlo marketing. Amazon Hand Pay

Will You Be Paying with Cash or Hand?

Image Source: Engadget

You know when you are behind someone in the checkout line of the grocery store, they pull out their checkbook to pay for a $60 purchase, and you kind of just shake your head and think, “Come on, lady – it’s 2020!” Well, we may be thinking the same about credit cards in the not-too-distant future. A recent report by the Wall Street Journal revealed that Amazon is in the early stages of developing pay-by-hand technology that will let customers pay for purchases with – yep, you guessed it – the wave of a hand.

How would this work exactly? Amazon would install checkout terminals in coffee shops, fast food restaurants, “and other merchants that do lots of repeat business with their customers.” You would register your palm print the first time using the kiosk, it would link it to your credit card, and then future purchases would merely require the wave of a hand. The New York Post reported back in September that Amazon was testing a payments system that would allow people to pay with their hands in Amazon-owned Whole Foods stores, so it looks like they are making progress on this project.

If you are wondering if this technology would allow advertisers to target us even more than they already do, the answer is most likely yes. “The company would like to integrate this data with consumers’ spending, those people said. That could give Amazon more leverage to charge higher prices to advertisers based on the idea they can better predict what customers are likely to buy,” the Journal reported.

While it would definitely be nice not to have to go digging in my purse for my wallet every time I grab a quick latte at Starbucks, this new technology does raise privacy concerns. At the end of the day, though, convenience is key, and it will prevail!

Posted by Erin