Will You Marry Me?

Most every girl thinks about one thing at some point in her life—her wedding. “Will it be amazing?” “Who will I marry?” And, of course, “How will he propose?” These are all common questions that many girls obsessively mull over when thinking about their futures.

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Personally, nothing brings tears to my eyes faster than a good proposal story. From the profession of love to the (hopeful) yes at the end and all of the dancing/singing/acting/flying/show in between. At this point, I think I’ve seen it all done in a man’s conquest to propose to his love—pretend plane crashes, flash mobs, movie trailers, you name it.

But last week I came across an article that, although initially confusing, represented the ultimate gesture of love and commitment. This Buzzfeed “article” was actually one man’s proposal to his girlfriend. It was a sweet and personal journey through the development of their relationship that began with how they met and ended full circle when he asked her to meet him at the exact same spot to propose. I was utterly elated to find an editor’s note the next day stating she did, in fact, say yes! Congratulations Johnny and Crystal and, to my future hubby, I’m sorry the bar has been set so high!

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