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Wine Wednesday Delivered to Your Door marlo marketing

Wine Wednesday Delivered to Your Door

Image Source: Winc

PSA: self-isolation does not require you to forgo good food or good wine.

Four weeks ago, while shopping for my essentials, I noticed two recurring items in people’s shopping carts: toilet paper and wine. Also, to my dismay, I cancelled my trip to Texas to pay for said toilet paper and wine.

But while quickly trying to decide on my wine selection (I’m a California red girl) and realizing that travel is in no one’s foreseeable future, why not travel the world through wine?

I’m all about supporting local, but if you’re worried about safety, these wine subscription services will make it easier for you to be more socially responsible and not have to trudge out to the grocery or liquor store:

The everyday wine drinker: Winc

Winc doesn’t choose your bottles for you, so if you have a favorite or are feeling adventurous, everything is fair game! Provide your preferences via a palate profile quiz and Winc will generate a large selection along with a few highlighted recommendations that you can choose from.

Best for personalized recommendations: Bright Cellars

Bright Cellars starts by asking you seven questions about what you like to eat and drink. Based on your answers, you’ll be matched with four wines from around the world, with an option to replace one bottle with another if you’d like (bye bye Merlot, why people like you is beyond me).

Best for wine pairing: Blue Apron

I recently discovered my former roommate’s old Blue Apron recipe cards, and if the recipes are as good as the wine they pair it with, this is for sure a win. After some brief research, I found out that they have a surprising amount of wine selections at only $10 a bottle. Consider adding it on if you already have a Blue Apron subscription — it will make the longer recipes go by much faster, trust me.

Best for the classic wine club experience: Vinesse Wines

Vinesse Wines is one of the oldest in the wine subscription game, with various collections from France, Italy, Chile, Portugal and California. Once you’ve received the wines, you can rate the ones you’ve tried in order to help Vinesse better curate future shipments to your taste.

There are even subscriptions for those obsessed with orange wine, natural wine and supporting local and family owned wineries. So check them out, taste the world and consider your next Zoom Wine Wednesday marlo-approved!

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