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Wine & Weed

Wine & Weed

Image Source Wine & Weed Symposium

Besides the beautiful weather, what else comes to mind when you think of California? Beaches? Scenic highways? Hollywood? Wine country? Weed…wait, what!? Well, what some of you readers might not know is that even though the state has always had the rep of being pot friendly, Californians just voted this past November to officially allow recreational marijuana use.

So naturally, those who work in the wine industry are interested in how the legalization of weed could affect them. That’s where The Wine Industry Network comes in. Natch.

On August 3rd, the Network will be hosting its first Wine & Weed Symposium to explore what California wine makers—and those who work with them—can expect. According to the website, “the symposium will feature experts from both categories to discuss what’s actually legal and what’s not as well as regulations around licensing, hospitality, growing and other topics of interest. Wine & Weed will also examine other states that have legalized cannabis and highlight the realities they have experienced.”

Tickets became available earlier this month! Marlo – if I happen to be out on August 3rd, I’m just doing some “research” 😉

Posted by Christina V.