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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner marlo marketing

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Image Source: Popeyes

In today’s rapid fire media landscape, brands need to move faster than ever to capitalize on news and trends. Think Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin sendup of that infamous Peloton ad last year that was concepted, produced and released in about 72 hours. Publishing a response mere days after the initial uproar paid off in spades as the Aviation ad was able to capitalize on the ongoing coverage of the originally questionable ad. When lightning in a bottle is captured like that, the benefit – and audience exposure – is immense. marlo marketing
Image Source: Family Feud Canada via

This year we’ve already seen two great examples of newsjacking. When a Canadian Family Feud contestant excitedly – and incorrectly – guessed “chicken” as a response to the clue “Name Popeye’s favorite food” (spoiler alert: our favorite sailor’s food is spinach!), losing out on the $10,000 prize value for her family to the amusement/horror of the internet, the Popeyes chain stepped in via Twitter post to offer her $10,000 worth of what else…chicken! The move came swiftly and resulted in some great buzz for the brand, ultimately rewarding an inadvertently enthusiastic, but organic, brand ambassador for the popular poultry purveyor. marlo marketing
Image Source: Victoria Jones/PA via

Another recent example came from overseas…on the very same day that the Duke & Duchess of Sussex announced their withdrawal as “senior members of the Royal Family,” wax museum tourist trap extraordinaire Madame Tussauds quickly released a statement saying that Meghan and Harry’s figures had been promptly moved away from the rest of the Royal family (gasp!) and placed in another part of the museum. The gesture and statement – which was picked up by every major news outlet – cost nothing. But the result was an insertion of the Madame Tussauds name in almost every story about the defecting duo breaking over a 48-hour period. Well done, Madame Tussauds…while still snarky and cheeky, it was refreshing to see mention of the museum for something other than revealing creepy and unconvincing likenesses of celebs (looking at you, Nicki Minaj statue in Berlin).

Can’t wait to see which brand will strike next!

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