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Winning Way More than Championships

Winning Way More than Championships

With Golden State’s recent 2017 NBA Championship title, the name “Curry” has re-surfaced, yet again. This talented, confident and charming star is back to not only steal the show, but also our hearts. And I’m not talking about Steph, but rather his very own Riley Curry.

This four-year old sensation made her debut two years ago on national TV when she decided that her dad’s post-game press conference was so much of a bore that she had to create some excitement for herself. A natural born star, Riley showcased her enthusiastic personality and witty commentary while tolerating Steph’s occasional responses to press in between her stunts.

Video Source: KNBR

Whether she’s hiding behind curtains, reciting Big Sean lyrics or just being herself, Riley has become such an icon for both the die-hard sports fanatics, as well as the other (not-so-fanatic) sports fans. I mean, her dad is great at basketball and all, but there’s no denying that she’s the true crowd pleaser. Following Golden State’s championship win, Riley knew what she had to do and she did not disappoint.

She first showcased her original dance moves while standing front and center during Steph’s initial interview:

Source: Twitter

Then, Riley used the Larry O’Brien trophy to look at her reflection and rotate her brand-new championship hat to the side. Power. Move.

Source: Twitter

Even though I’m a Celtics fan at heart, it’s almost hard to not root for Golden State when Riley just keeps on winning.

Posted By Olivia M.