Wires Are So 2014

We’ve all been there. It’s Saturday morning and you had a long, crazy Friday night. Yet despite all odds, you somehow miraculously manage to make it to the couch (great job!) and remember to grab the essentials on the way – hydration, Advil, laptop, remote. You’re just settling in to an SVU marathon (praise television gods, you needed this), when you get a notification. That awful, dreaded notification that informs you your iPhone is now at 10% battery. You are SO comfy, but let’s be honest, how can you enjoy your day if your iPhone isn’t alive to enjoy it with you? It’s like some cruel joke. You have to get out of what you thought would be your happy place for the next few hours, to walk ALL THE WAY to your room and find your charger.

Until now.

IKEA has heard our cries. This spring, they’ll release wireless iPhone charging for furniture. So basically, chargers can sneakily be available all over your home! Kiss those low battery notifications goodbye. The lazy, fully-charged future has arrived.

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Images source Gizmodo.com

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