With This Shell, I Thee Wed

maryImage source GlobalTimes.com

I like to consider myself mm/c’s resident mermaid expert, so when Travel + Leisure’s Carry On blog released the latest and greatest in tail-clad wedding news, I was all ears (scales?).

According to Carry On, the Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel has tapped into the growing mer-person demographic by offering a brand-new Mermaid Wedding Package. Yes, I’m serious.

The Sheraton’s below sea-level ceremony option includes formal tails for the happy couple, a mermaid choreography lesson and themed champagne toast following an underwater vow exchange that can last up to ten minutes (read: breathing is important) while guests look on from the resort’s “Wreck Bar.” A legitimate beach ceremony follows the mermaid version to ensure merman and mermaid are bound together in holy legal matrimony.

And now to answer the question on everyone’s minds: No, this fishy wedding option has not been added to my dream wedding Pinterest page. Honeymoon, on the other hand….!

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