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Words to Live By

Words to Live By

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I was a seventh grader at summer camp when I first read “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.” It is actually one of the few book’s covers that I can picture vividly from syllabi of years past, and I remember feeling a sense of awe and pride when I finished it. I felt I had grown up in a way while reading those pages. Years later as an English major at Gettysburg College, I encountered Maya Angelou’s works again in my African American Studies class, and I can still picture Professor Barns reading “Phenomenal Woman.”

After I had learned of Maya Angelou’s passing on May 28, I was chatting with a close friend who was in that college course with me. My friend is now works at Cole Haan, where they photographed Maya Angelou this time last year for an ad campaign. In talking about this experience, she noted how Maya Angelou was truly genuine in wanting to know everyone on set and was as remarkable in person as she has been portrayed. My friend had just returned from maternity leave and Maya Angelou signed “Letters for My Daughter” and conveyed her sense of pride in being a working mother. It’s funny the stories you hear once someone has passed….I don’t think I would have ever known this otherwise.

As a very small tribute, I wanted to share a few of my favorite Maya Angelou quotes that inspire me and which we all should live by.










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