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Work Out On The Wild Side

Work Out On The Wild Side

Like a storm, boutique fitness has taken over the urban workout scene in a heartbeat. We now use words like “SoulCycle,” “barre,” and “Barry’s” so casually, as if they are the name of our best friend who we always have sleepovers with, or the name of our go-to coffee order that we can name without even opening our eyes in the morning.

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Many larger gyms, including Equinox and Virgin Active, have come to follow the trend and have placed high emphasis on their studio course programming and development – Zumba, Pilates, MetCon, just to name a few. But have you heard of ZUU?

Invented in Australia by Nathan Helberg, ZUU is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout performed in primal moves – push, pull, twist, squat, lunge, locomotion. Sound fun? Wait until you sweat your heart out in only 20 minutes, burning all the calories (an average of 300 calories in 20 minutes) with ‘bear crawls,’ ‘frog squats,’ and ‘donkey kicks!’ In fact, the workout was initially designed for top performers – the military, the elite athletes, and so on – to train in environments where weights and machines are not accessible. It is a whole body workout targeting all areas including mobility, agility, flexibility, and cardio endurance.

While the concept has been around for years in Aussie and the UK, and the studio has a few West Coast locations, it has yet to become popularized in the U.S. But with a quick Google search, there are plenty of videos that can guide you through the moves. So with a sprinkle of hilarity and bravery, come try it! 


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