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Would You Stay or Would You Go Now?

Would You Stay or Would You Go Now?

What would you do if given the chance to travel anywhere in the world? That is a nice daydream, huh. What about if you had to leave right now? As in this very second?

That’s what Heineken asked this past summer with their ingenious Departure Roulette campaign. Lucky passerby’s at JFK airport were approached by Heineken team members and asked to abandon their travel plans in exchange for a free trip. However, where in the world they would go was a matter of luck and a push of the button. Oh, and leaving right now.


The video shows the initial reactions and personalities of those asked – from the type A “no way! You’re out of your mind!” to the spontaneous “what the hell, let’s do this!” It’s amazing to think about what you would do if given this once in a lifetime opportunity. Would you stay or would you go now? (Both a valid question and 80’s jam by The Clash.)

I consider myself a fairly easygoing person. Changes in plans don’t rattle me too much and I am ok with not having every aspect of my personal life mapped out. The unknown is what keeps life interesting – you have to have an element of surprise, combined with a bit of fear and the guts to take risks. So I would like to hope that if I were one of the lucky people approached at JFK, that I would ditch whatever obligation had me at the airport.  While a gamble and scary (no appropriate clothes, itinerary, travel companions), the idea of life changing at the touch of a button is pretty damn cool!

One thing I know from watching this video – that bachelor party who declined better have been heading to somewhere a little less cliché than Vegas!

Posted by Laura