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Written in the Stars

Written in the Stars

Image Source: Astrostyle 

From zodiac mugs in Williams Sonoma to meme accounts all over Instagram to tattoo inspo flooding Pinterest, astrology is everywhere lately, particularly popular with millenials. I will admit that I am a firm believer in the power of astrology, so I didn’t think twice about adding a “Virgo” candle, scenting of “overthinking orange,” to my bedroom. My college roommates and I spent hours flipping through the pages of The Only Zodiac Book You’ll Ever Need, reading about ourselves and other people in our lives and making comments along the way like, “She’s totally a Taurus” or “I knew I shouldn’t have dated a Sagittarius.”

For every fellow believer, though, there is also a doubter who prefers to call the stars of fate simply coincidence. I know not everything the zodiac claims holds true; people are shaped by many things throughout life and the constellations are not law. However, to those non-believers, I think you are missing out on an opportunity to learn about yourself. A strong sense of identity has become increasingly more and more important to the millennial age group with the influx of social media constantly telling us what we could or should be. The zodiac is offering up a solution to this confusion with key explanations as to why you feel, act, and think certain ways. Basically, what makes you, you, and why you were fated not to change regardless of what people on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram have to say.

This is not an excuse to go cutting the Starbucks line and then blaming the rude behavior on your Capricorn sun sign. Astrology offers insight on your flaws and strengths you may otherwise not know about; how you use that knowledge is up to you. So, to all those who think they can de-bunk the inner workings of the universe, maybe give your sign a quick skim here: Astrostlye. You never know what you may learn!

Posted by Molly