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Ya’ll know I love the 90’s. It’s no surprise that I consider Seinfeld to be one of the best TV shows of all time (along with the rest of the world). You can watch the re-runs over and over and still find Festivus, Shrinkage and Man Hands to be hilarious. Apparently I missed the opportunity of a lifetime when the Brooklyn Cyclones, a minor league baseball team, hosted a “Seinfeld Night” with a salute to the “show about nothing” on July 5th in honor of its 25th anniversary.

Amongst the excited fans dressed up like Elaine, Kramer, and even Newman, there were classic reenacted Seinfeld memories, such as:

  • MCU Park renamed Vandelay Industries Park
  • “Low Talking” PA Announcer
  • Elaine Dancing Contest
  • Players in puffy pirate shirts at batting practice
  • Keith Hernandez Magic Lougie Bobbleheads
  • The Soup Natzi threw out the first pitch
  • Junior Mints Toss Contest
  • Marble Rye Fishing Race

The Brooklyn Cyclones’ Communication Manager is now the smartest, most ingenious person alive in my book. Then again, I have a few ideas up my sleeve that I would’ve contributed. What about a muffin-top eating contest (Top of the Muffin TO YOU!), a Fusilli Jerry arts and craft station, lip-reading contest, and mangoes for all!

Side note, do I write too many posts about TV…? I may have a problem.

Posted by Amanda