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Yappy Hour @ The Liberty

Yappy Hour @ The Liberty

Months back Elizabeth from our office blogged about the “gaping hole in her heart…for domesticated beasts”, while Liza more recently remembered her beloved, passed pup. I associate with Liza. Not Elizabeth the puppy hater 🙂 I am a freak for dogs — love them love them love them! Not just the typical cute ones either, like teacup minis and puggles. I like the humongous, poorly-behaved ones that knock you on your ass when you least expect it, the nasty little biter breeds who are super fun to torment and those super ugly ones that are so hideous they cross over into the cute category.

I’ve always had a dog…Sandy the Cocker Spaniel, Tequila the Jack Russel/Chihuahua and then Lady the Pug. However, my life over the past several years, from grad school to new apartment and then the next new apartment, hasn’t exactly allowed me the stability necessary for a pooch. At this stage I am in the market and have been carefully scouring for rescue cuties but, truth be told, I’ve yet to even to check my lease to see if a dog is allowed. In the meantime, I’ve stumbled upon a solution — Yappy Hour at The Liberty!

Every Wednesday, dogs and their owners descend upon ‘The Yard’ at The Liberty Hotel for K9 Chaos and cocktails. Hmmm — a full bar and an enclosed courtyard full of cute, out-of-control Beacon Hill bitches — count me in! One of my friends did point out that I’m the equivalent of a pedophile hanging out at a children’s playground, but hey, I get my kicks where I can! I highly recommend a visit to these Wednesday shenanigans — dog attacks, some escape attempts and…let’s just say that the movie Best of Show didn’t come from nowhere…yes, the owners make for very good theater.

Posted by Sam