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Yebba, Yebba Doo!

Yebba, Yebba Doo!

Baseball cards that have never been touched. Action-hero figurines still in their original packaging. Guns that (hopefully!) never get used. Some people might be embarrassed to admit the things that they collect. Not Donnie Yebba!


A born-and-bread Bostonian, Donnie is proud to wear his unique collection of heavy metal rock celebrity signatures on his sleeve— literally. Recently, the Globe had a brief blurb on Yebba. However, Donnie just so happens to work in my dad’s office so I got a special inside interview with the man himself, exclusive for readers!


Yebba collects rock musicians’ autograph’s in a functional, fashionable and fresh way — he gets them permanently inked onto his body! He began his tattoo journey at a young age, his first being a classic with a twist: a skull with a top hat and rose. Always an avid rock fan, Yebba eagerly gathered his favorite stars’ precious scrawls, but was left frustrated and disappointed when he would lose the autographs shortly after. Naturally, the solution to this problem was to have the musicians sign his body directly with permanent marker, and then make an appointment with his tattoo artist to make the memory everlasting. His nickname is “the signature boy” and he can often be spotted backstage at his favorite bands’ shows in hopes of adding to his signature anthology. When I asked him the one signature he wishes he had, his simple and immediate response was, “I would love to get Madonna, I have always loved her.” Just weeks ago, Yebba made an appointment with his tattooist at Trinity Tattoos (Everett, MA) for his 77th signature, that of Vince Neil from Motley Crue.


Donnie is not the only person to pay homage to his idols through ink — in this week’s Boston Phoenix, Eugina Williamson highlights individuals with literary tattoos as well as this week’s release of the new book The Word Made Flesh: Literary Tattoos from Bookworms Worldwide.

Posted by Hannah