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Yes, Girls Poop Too

Yes, Girls Poop Too

Image source The Cut

Recently, advertising companies have taken their client’s branding to a new level. See: Dollar Shave Club and  The Camp Gyno.

The newest ad campaign comes in the form of a viral video for Poo Pourri.  Yep, you read it right.  The gist of the video: it  reiterates the fact that everyone poops, despite the widely-accepted theory held by many men that the female gender does not poop. It’s true, we do. So how do we eliminate the stench? Poo-Pourri’s perfectly casted spokesperson Bethany Woodruff explains below:


According to their website, they’ve sold over 4 million bottles and have over 20 scents available. Does this crap really work? Not sure, but looks like I’ll be adding a bottle to the supplies order next month for the office.

Posted by Kayla