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Yes, This is Really Happening

Yes, This is Really Happening

I’ll give you a minute to process the image on your right and convince yourself that you’re on glue…Yes, what you’re seeing is real: a flipped-on-its-side coffeehouse/library. New York City’s D’Espresso coffee bar opened up recently a block away from the New York Public Library and The New York Times took notice of this not-so-humble endeavor. Describing the ambitious interior design, the story solves such mysteries as: How to Make a Floor Look like a Bookshelf (solution: glazed tiles with images on books printed on them) and How to Make a Wall Look Like a Ceiling (solution: affix lights to wall and have them jut out).

With expansion plans to include major US cities, I can’t wait for D’Espresso to hit Boston. We’re just a few mind-altering double espressos away…

Posted by Amelia