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You Can Now Make Your Coffee on the Go

You Can Now Make Your Coffee on the Go

Since moving to the ‘burbs last week, my coffee consuming schedule has been completely out of whack. No matter how early I get up, I find I’m only able to get in one or two sips of my beloved cup of joe before I have to sprint to the commuter train.

Luckily, a new coffee contraption has been invented… and I’m 100% convinced that with the timing there’s no denying that the coffee gods were looking out for me.

Meet the coffee maker that’s also a travel mug: mojoe.

It’s everything you could ever wish for. Coffee on the go. Anytime.

Step 1: Add coffee to the mug.
Step 2: Add water to the mug.
Step 3: Walk to your car & power up (or plug it into your wall at work…or even a rechargeable battery).
Step 4: Press the brew button.
Step 5: Watch the magic happen.
Step 6: Sip & go.

Mo freedom. Mo coffee. Mojoe.


Posted by Robbin