You Can Now Make Your Coffee on the Go

Since moving to the ‘burbs last week, my coffee consuming schedule has been completely out of whack. No matter how early I get up, I find I’m only able to get in one or two sips of my beloved cup of joe before I have to sprint to the commuter train.

Luckily, a new coffee contraption has been invented… and I’m 100% convinced that with the timing there’s no denying that the coffee gods were looking out for me.

Meet the coffee maker that’s also a travel mug: mojoe.

It’s everything you could ever wish for. Coffee on the go. Anytime.

Step 1: Add coffee to the mug.
Step 2: Add water to the mug.
Step 3: Walk to your car & power up (or plug it into your wall at work…or even a rechargeable battery).
Step 4: Press the brew button.
Step 5: Watch the magic happen.
Step 6: Sip & go.

Mo freedom. Mo coffee. Mojoe.


Posted by Robbin

Posted By: marlo marketing

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