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You Can’t Put Wine in Hobo Stew!

You Can’t Put Wine in Hobo Stew!

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A recent chat with the hospitality team here at marlo had each of us waxing reminiscent of a film that should be required viewing for any young lady – the 1989 classic, Troop Beverly Hills.

Full disclosure – one of the main reasons I hold this movie so dear is because I was a Girl Scout as a child. And although I don’t come off as the outdoorsy type, my grandmother ran a Girl Scout camp in North Florida that I spent many summers running around, crafting, canoeing and telling ghost stories. Now years from my scouting days, my inclination to camp has dwindled…yet living in a city, I find myself longing for a little wilderness refresher.

So last weekend when it was rainy and dreary I hopped online to do a little investigating and stumbled across what I think is a pretty genius idea. Shelter Co. is a California-based pop-up lodging service, born out of a nostalgia for the days of summer camp. They set up fully furnished European-style canvas tents, complete with Pendleton blankets, a carpeted floor and bedside tables, and you just show up to stargaze, roast marshmallows and play games. I realize it’s basically camping for dummies, but in all honesty I am not sure I remember how to tie a clove hitch or what the three-leaves of poison ivy actually look like, so it’s probably for the best that a professional leads the charge in this endeavor.

But that’s not all! This initial research and several ADD moments later led me to a whole site dedicated to summer camps for adults! We’re not talking s’mores and sing-alongs; most of the options I looked into let campers explore a hobby or live out a childhood fantasy with accommodations ranging from rustic to luxurious. With options like a wine camp in Napa, band camp at an acclaimed performing arts school, ice skating with Dorothy Hamill or learning to be a cowboy, I am kind of wishing I had gone into teaching – what a rad way to spend your summer.

Though not in the cards this year (I mean it is already June), you just may find me next summer center stage in NYC for Broadway Fantasy Camp!

Posted by Miranda