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You Gotta Have Faith!

You Gotta Have Faith!

Growing up, summer vacation typically took me and the fam to Cape Cod, namely an adorable home on Mayflower Beach or, in later years, Welfleet and Truro. However, about 4 years back I found myself a super fun BF with a KILLER rental up-island on the Vineyard. Looking back (now that I have a new favorite summer escape) I have to agree with my father who grudgingly packed up the car each year and put up with our annoying shit for all those weeks, “Cape Cod sucks. It’s overpriced, overcrowded and overrated.” Well put Daddy-O!

The Vineyard is overpriced too, but up-island is remote, quiet and anything but overrated. I’m not joking when I say remote, we’re located about a mile from the Gay Head Lighthouse, which is home to the only retail and restaurant options closer than a 20 minute drive away. That drive is worth it as it will take you to Alley’s General Store, The Chilmark Store and Paul O’Connell’s Chilmark Tavern, but 20 minutes away may as well be light years when you’re sun-scorched on the sand and needing some quick summer sustenance.

Which brings us to Faith’s Seafood Shack, located on the Gay Head Cliffs. Their seafood is as fresh as you can possibly get and their menu is seriously good food – fish tacos, colossal Pearl hotdogs, homemade potato salad, and the best part…..sushi – incredible sushi! Japanese sushi chefs slice, dice, rice and roll some delectable treats (try the Aquinnah roll: shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, topped with white tuna, avocado and caviar)! The specialty rolls are pricey, $19 a pop, but the rest of the sushi menu is very reasonable.

The shack’s owners, James and Faith, are as incredible as their scrumptious snacks. You have to be Wampanoag to operate a business at The Cliffs; Faith is Wampanoag. James was born and raised on Nantucket, ‘Sconset to be exact, and worked in fashion for years (closely with Versace and was in Miami when the murder took place). He also owned a flower farm on Molokai, Hawaii. However, when he met the drop-dead gorgeous Faith one day while she was waiting tables at the other restaurant at The Cliffs, James fell instantly in love, sold the flower farm, married Faith and opened their “Shack”.

Summer’s coming to a close quick so hop on the VTA Bus and the last stop will leave you right in front of Faith’s. And if you’re not up for the commute, hop online as they have live webcams installed on the shack’s roof for all Vineyard Voyeurs!

Posted by Sam