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You Name It

You Name It

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Kanye and Kim finally had their baby – let’s all exhale. I am most definitely not a fan of the overexposed celebrity couple, but I was admittedly curious about what they’d name it [North West – fine]. As I wondered if Kimye used an online baby name generator to come up with this gem, I did a cursory Google search that yielded dozens of websites for naming baby. My favorite: Mandatory’s Hipster Baby Name Generator.

Then I decided, why should babies get all the fun?  There’s a dearth of websites begging people of all ages to name their new alter ego from the realms of pimps to pirates.   So join me now on my name generating journey from Michelle Juralewicz to….

Crazy Overlord

Source: Wu-Tang Name Generator

Same site where Donald Glover pulled his hip hop moniker, “Childish Gambino?”







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Tigerlily Proudfoot of Standelf

Source:  The Hobbit Name Generator

I sound like a hot hobbit.









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 Bubonic Corliss Read

Source: Pirate Name Generator

Doesn’t exactly read like a Keira Knightly hottie.








Image source

Orchid Aldjoy

Source: Hunger Games Name Generator

Jennifer Lawrence is my new BFF.






Image source The Guardian

Sugartastic Juralewicz G.

Source: Pimp Name Generator

Breaking into the boys club with helpful feminist pointers (they’re called “ladies,” my man).











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Meanwhile, out of sheer curiosity, what would my future baby’s hipster name be?


I can’t wait to tell my husband.

Posted by Michelle