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“OMG, Thanks…You Shouldn’t Have”

“OMG, Thanks…You Shouldn’t Have”

I can’t pinpoint when we became socially inept at gift giving, but during the financially-challenging holiday season that just passed, there’s been a deluge of tacky holiday offerings guaranteed to leave any recipient saying, “OMG, thanks…you shouldn’t have!” Has anyone seen the constant As Seen On TV commercials offering Snuggies and The Stealth S.S.A. (aka Secret Sound Amplifier)? Though courteous and typically on my best behavior, I think I would cry if anyone ever got me the Neckline Slimmer (which not for nothing resembles…well, you get it).

I polled some friends and officemates about the worst/most bizarre holiday gifts they’ve received over the years. Among the best worst gifts were*:

  • A “Nightmare Before Christmas” stuffed doll keychain from a long time boyfriend—and only that.  – Brian Garrett
  • An annual Ziplock bag of “Snowman Poop” (which is really a bag of marshmallows). – Len Snowens
  • The infant Jesus doll pictured above. – Malyssa Mugglioti Schmevens
  • Unwrapped anal beads from a schizophrenic family member. – Ophelia Glutton

While it’s true it’s the thought that counts, sometimes—as with the gifts listed above—it’s hard think anything other than keep your thoughts to yourself!  What are some of the gifts you’re having trouble rationalizing from last week?

*Names have been changed to protect identities of the victims and offenders.

Posted by Elizabeth