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You Want It? Then Print It!

You Want It? Then Print It!

As I was brushing up on my Economist recently, I came across the most fantabulous discovery/creation of all time. Yes, even better than the device that turns your cell phone into your own personal credit card machine.

Cue: the 3D printer.

A 3D printer has the ability to take a blueprint crafted on your computer and magically produce the blueprint into a real life 3D object, seemingly out of thin air!

So far 3D printing has been focused on reproducing plastics, resins and metals, but advancements with other materials (like food and skin!) are well underway. This printer (pictured) can print-up silicone, cheese, frosting and cement!

Imagine—cat got your tongue—literally? The 3D printer can build you a new one!  Want to custom design your own car?  Consult your 3D printer.  Need to conjure up some extra side dishes for your Easter supper?  Power up the printer!

Now, The Economist focuses on how 3D printing will change the face of industrialization, manufacturing and mass-production by eliminating economies of scale (which, indeed is très important), but I’m more interested in how I can get me one of these, and how it can make me this Louis Vuitton bag!

Posted by Hannah