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You Can Rule the World by the Time You’re Thirty!

You Can Rule the World by the Time You’re Thirty!

I find it kind of random that I’ve met (or know) five out of the 30 young entrepreneurs profiled in this year’s Inc.’s “30 Under 30” list. I loved this year’s list of the super young entrepreneurs that are kicking ass and taking names!

My sis graduated Babson College (THE place to go if you’re an entrepreneur at heart!) with the founders of Mass-based IdeaPaint, one of the most “Damn, I wish I invented that” products out there. It’s essentially paint that creates a dry-erase writing surface wall on anything you want (kids’ bedrooms, conference rooms, etc.). It’s amazing how much this company has grown in such a short time frame. They’ve hired experienced execs to help them out and moved into super cool office digs across the river. Everything about their business model is cutting-edge and, truthfully, it looks like they’re doing everything right.

Then there’s Adam, one of the co-founders of the uber-popular e-newsletter for men: Adam is best friends with my college guy friend, so occasionally I’ll hear updates on his success and I’m always impressed. They now have the same parent company as Daily Candy and they’re on track to launch more and more city-focused e-newsletters throughout the country until – one day soon – they’ll probably get a buy-out offer they can’t resist.

Peter Smathers from the needlepoint accessories line, Smathers & Branson, was hanging out at Clery’s one night (years ago) while in town for meetings with various clothing boutiques on the South Shore. He modestly mentioned his start-up and, at that point in time, they were just beginning the initial phase of their new biz. Now, whenever I’m browsing those preppy boutiques on Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard, I spot something from S&B on the shelves.

All in all, it’s inspiring to see how successful someone can become, regardless of their age. These young entrepreneurs have founded and/or run some of the most innovative companies in our country. Major props to those young’ins with brain power, a little luck and, most certainly, the drive to get it done.

Posted by Brianne