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Your Bra Knows That You’re Slacking

Your Bra Knows That You’re Slacking

Image Source BostInno

Step aside FitBit trackers and Nike Fuel bands, the fitness device of the future is here – and it’s nestled nicely underneath your boobs. Yes, I said boobs and yes, that’s where the tracker really lives. British design student Victoria Sowerby has created the newest fitness product that every girl (read: me) is going to be clamoring to get her hands on. Or you know, put her boobs in. Last of the childish boob jokes, I promise.

Sowerby has created a new product that aims to make running easier (ha, you can go ahead and try) and more fun: the Keep Beat bra. This ingenious product is made with a special conductive fabric that monitors heart rate paired with technology that adjusts your music to let you know if you’re pushing too hard or need a little extra oomph. BONUS: the bra’s high-performance fabrics won’t trap sweat or bacteria. Boob sweat, be gone!

Runners know that nothing ruins a good running pace more than an accidental slow song on the playlist. Somehow it almost commands your legs to move slower. Now, runners can act as their own DJ (kinda, sorta) by speeding up or slowing down their favorite songs. Imagine your favorite Aviccii song suddenly turning slow-mo (ain’t nobody want to hear that) or Beyonce starting to sound a little more like Barry White (Can’t get enough of your drunk love, babe. Doesn’t have the same ring to it…). On the other hand, if you start to pick up the pace, your music will follow you. Your bra is literally egging you on.

Sadly, the bra is still in the prototype phase but with all of the die-hard fitness fanatics out there, I’d say this idea has legs. I mean, if the vibrating fork got made, there’s hope for anything. Here’s to hoping that the Keep Beat bra will be nestled under my boobs Christmas tree next year!

Posted by Amy