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Your Christmas Presents are Getting an Upgrade this Year

Your Christmas Presents are Getting an Upgrade this Year

Welcome to what will become this biggest time suck of your life – sorry I’m not sorry for introducing this website, aptly titled More like, this is why I’m never bored…ever. I can’t claim credit – some friends introduced me – but I can say that I’ve found and purchased fantastic presents from this site. It’s like Sky Mall on crack – from cute little toys and tools that make everyday life just a little bit easier, to the extreme, over-the-top, “why would I ever need a flying hovercraft for $190,000?” Laugh if you will, but some of these items actually come in handy. Just ask my best friend, who received Light Saber Chopsticks and Ninja Men Cookie Cutters from me as a house warming present. With holiday shopping season in full swing, I share with you some of my favorites in hopes I can inspire you to find that elusive “gift for the person who has everything.”















Inflatable Walk on Water Ball – according to the picture, when your kids need to burn off energy, throw them in a ball and just let them roll?


Snuggle Pillow – I’m even more creeped out that it only has one arm and half a body


Functional Mermaid Tails – making dreams come true for every girl growing up in the 90s


Life Size T-Rex Sculpture – At $32,000, who wouldn’t want this?


Hidden Flask Tie – For getting through holiday season with the fam…
















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Hamburger Bed – bringing a new meaning to “midnight snack”

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