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Your Hooters Now Hide Things

Your Hooters Now Hide Things

I’m a big fan of cool bags — from the oversized purse to the itty bitty clutch — but there are a few occasions where carrying something around just doesn’t work for me (think crowded bar, festival, etc.). Since I’m pretty sure we can all agree that the fanny pack only has a place on the expanding waistlines of overweight tourists, the JoeyBra serves to be the next best thing.

Developed by seriously savvy sorority sisters whose social Greek life often had them on the go, University of Washington juniors Mariah Gentry and Kyle Bartlow came up with a solution to this little dilemma. No longer must women worry about hitting the dance floor while their bags wait in the corner waiting to be stolen. Thanks to this combo bra/carrier, named after a baby kangaroo, natch, ladies go hands-free while their phones, keys, lip gloss sit comfortably in a mesh pouch on its side.

At just $19.99, this is a steal, especially considering the popular Victoria’s Secret robs charges customers $48-$78 for a bra…and I don’t see those rocking a hidden pocket. Only problem? Busty babes may have to wait. The JoeyBra doesn’t offer sizes for most C- or any D-cups.

File this one under: Houdini hooters.

Posted by Haley

Image source JoeyBra via Huffington Post