Your iPhone Can Out-Think You

If you haven’t seen the lines of people huddled outside of Apple stores anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new phone – or at least photos of these people – then I’m not sure where you’ve been hiding. Lately it seems like all anyone can talk about is iPhone, iPhone, iPhone. (I say this as an Android user so, naturally, I must roll my eyes whenever anything Apple is mentioned. It’s part of the code.)

Setting my personal iPhone feelings aside, the recently released iOS 8 now has some pretty amazing apps that popped up right on its tail. With the recent emoji craze that seems to be taking over all things textable (have you read about the woman who ate nothing but emojis for a week?!) it seems only natural that some of the newest apps would be upping the emoji ante to make it easier than ever to insert that flexing muscle arm or random piece of sushi into every conversation.

Insert (see what I did there?) “Keymoji,” a new emoji keyboard that generates appropriate emojis that may be useful based on the context of your phrase.

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The app learns as it goes so the more you use particular suggestions the more they generate automatically for you. Hot on the heels of Keymoji is “Emojiyo,” a new app which allows users to save their own custom sets of emojis for commonly used phrases. A few phrases already in the dictionary: “mind = blown,” “call you soon” and “early bird gets the worm.”

My prediction of what’s up next for the iPhone: an app that types the words that you are thinking in real time (with appropriate emojis, of course) and the “All emoji all the time” app (no words allowed) for the emoji savvy looking for a new challenge.

Have at it Apple fans and be sure to tell all of your friends how you feel about your new emoji freedom. Mind = blown.

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