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Your New Favorite Podcast: Guys We F****d

Your New Favorite Podcast: Guys We F****d

Okay, everyone—we all know that the gals and guys of marlo marketing love SERIAL. While I’m all for listening and re-listening to the frustrating, and contradictory details of the Hae Min Lee murder in 1999, I crave new, addicting content. Intro, Guys We F****d.

Before you go ahead and judge this podcast for its name, let me begin by saying that this is NOT a podcast where the words “slut” and “whore” are used on the reg, rather it is a sex-positive podcast that point blank talks about everything you’re thinking about when it comes to sex but are just too much of a p#$$y to say out loud.

The podcast is hosted by Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, two standup comedians (who I want to be best friends with) who bring on guys they have or haven’t f****d to talk about sex, relationships, butts and choking (yes, choking). While it may seem that this format could get boring and has the potential to run out of content (read: I get bored easily), they are constantly playing around with the format, inviting guests on who might just have a different view on sex than they have, aka Corinne’s “gays,” sex experts and a 30-something virgin.

Sometimes things get really uncomfortable and the guys suck (Howie episode) and sometimes things get hot and heavy because there is still some sexual tension (Nico episode), but all in all, each episode is f&*king genius and has me laughing uncontrollably as I roll into the driveway of my overly conservative parent’s house after work.

With that said, tune into your damn Podcast app, search Guys We F****k and get listening—you might just laugh.


Posted by Emily