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When Zombies Become Too Real

When Zombies Become Too Real

I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist or doomsday planner. There are no guns, machetes or crossbows waiting patiently in my apartment for the day when the zombies/aliens/killer bees come knocking. Call me an optimist, but I think it’s all a little BS… I mean, really, a zombie apocalypse…. hit me with something a little more realistic. But then again, I don’t have brothers.

Everyone at marlo had quite the laugh recently when we saw a viral video of a girl named Millicent who was tricked by her brothers into believing that the zombie apocalypse stared. The biggest kicker of the entire video was that poor Millicent had just gotten her wisdom teeth out when her brothers picked her up so she 1) is still high and 2) has a mouth stuffed full of cotton. As someone who’s recently gotten her wisdom teeth out, I know the pain of talking through the cotton as I requested more food/drink/meds from my roommate, so I can only imagine how uncomfortable it was to sob-scream with a chipmunk mouth.

Throughout the video, Millicent is faced with several life or death questions, like whether she prefers funfetti or chocolate cake and if she wants to save the dog OR the cat. Of course, hilarity (and a little panic) ensues, making this my favorite video of 2016. So far, anyway. Watch for yourself here:


Posted by Tracy