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Case Study: CareDash

Overview launched in 2016 after CEO and Founder Ted Chan noticed two troubling trends: mainstream healthcare provider review sites tend to cater to and attract patients of a higher socioeconomic status, and many existing sites accept financial compensation for removal of negative reviews. Chan, a leader in mobile education delivery apps, created CareDash with the goal of building trust and credibility by offering 100% transparency in easy-to-use doctor review services for the 95% of the population who need it most.


  • Increase public awareness and traffic to the CareDash website to grow the database of reviews and healthcare provider ratings.
  • Drive SEO and generate backlinks to, with a specific focus on direct links to doctor profiles.
  • Build CareDash into a nationally recognized consumer brand (“the Yelp of doctor reviews”).


  • Define and differentiate CareDash from mainstream doctor review sites by educating consumers and media about its unique model of healthcare transparency vs. other pay-for-play review sites.
  • Illustrate the relevancy, transparency, and access of CareDash by leveraging major current issues into brand messaging platforms:
    • Year One: Optimized the guaranteed news hook of President Trump’s first 100 days in office via the “Nervous Nation” Campaign including a CareDash-commissioned national survey; a spokesperson collaboration with a nationally recognized stress expert; and a media-genic local market “Coping Clinic” event.
    • Year Two: Amidst growing public awareness of the opioid epidemic, executed a comprehensive study by CareDash researchers entitled, “Possible Side Effects: Investigating the Connection Between Payments from Pharmaceutical Companies and the Prescribing Habits of Physicians.” Campaign included the publishing of a white paper reviewed and researched with a leading U.S. expert on bioethics, Dr. Aaron Kesselheim; the creation of a summary infographic; and a comprehensive webpage laying out all campaign materials.


CaseStudyIcons Website 10

In June 2018, surpassed 100,000 verified healthcare provider reviews

CaseStudyIcons GrowthChart 12

Website traffic went from virtually nothing to 473,000+ organic website sessions within a year

CaseStudyIcons Impressions 06

The Coping Clinic generated more than 1.7MM pre-pop-up impressions

CaseStudyIcons Placements 01

PR Newswire distribution for the “Nervous Nation” poll resulted in pickup by 230 outlets, 143 million impressions, and 973 backlinks. Pitched coverage generated an additional 20 placements, including VICE and Shape, 73 million impressions and 13 backlinks.

CaseStudyIcons Placements 01

PR Newswire distribution for the “Possible Side Effects” report resulted in pickup by 257 outlets and 81.8 million impressions. Pitched coverage generated an additional 80 placements, including USA Today, 4.5 million impressions, and 8 backlinks.