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Case Study: Narragansett Beer


Narragansett Beer, New England’s once-historic regional brewer, relaunched in 2005 – long after it had been sold to a Midwest beer conglomerate. The once beloved beer’s reputation had been lost, as evidenced by the beer’s nickname, “Nasty Narry.” New ownership brought back the original brewmaster to recreate the original recipe, and slowly began selling into on-premise and retail accounts in Providence, Boston, and Worcester.


In 2008, Narragansett Beer came to marlo marketing to develop a public relations campaign to reeducate consumers and reestablish the brand as a regional, and eventually national, beer of choice.  Over the past decade, marlo has overseen a full-scale, multi-faceted marketing and public relations campaign to ensure the brand’s continued growth.


  • Position ‘Gansett as Rhode Island’s signature beer by highlighting the brand’s heritage, award-winning products, and “Made on Honor” authenticity in all communications.
  • Share growth figures and major brand milestones with trade and national business outlets highlighting the brand as an industry thought leader.
  • Keep lifestyle, food, and beverage media pipelines full with fresh and regular deliveries of ‘Gansett news, including ongoing creative new launches for dozens of new SKUs.
  • Invent out-of-the-box news hooks and initiatives to create buzz and consistent brand exposure.


CaseStudyIcons GrowthChart 12

26% year-over-year growth since 2006

CaseStudyIcons Impressions 06

More than 2 billion earned media impressions over 10 years as AOR

CaseStudyIcons StorefrontFranchise 09

Due to the meteoric rebound in sales, in 2017 ‘Gansett was finally able to bring brewing back to Rhode Island for the first time in three decades.

CaseStudyIcons Award 04

Over 13 consecutive years of brand growth has established Narragansett as the nation’s 34th largest craft brewer

CaseStudyIcons LocationExpansion 16

Expansion beyond New England to 11 new markets including Oregon, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina