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Case Study: PERDUE – Fresh Cuts


Launched in late 2017, PERDUE® Fresh Cuts offers fresh, pre-cut raw chicken breast, saving consumers prep, cook and cleanup time. Because Fresh Cuts is entirely pre-prepared, the cook never has to even touch the raw chicken, diffusing fears about kitchen contamination.


Develop a strategic plan to continue to build the relevancy of Fresh Cuts products, reinforcing their time-saving, pan-ready convenience and safe, hands-off packaging, reducing consumer stress about the potential dangers of raw chicken contamination.


  • Bring Fresh Cuts usage occasions to life by securing a steady stream of earned consumer media and influencer coverage highlighting the brand as the ultimate solution to reducing the time, mess and stress of preparing and cooking raw chicken.
  • Create fresh multi-channel content via a survey with The Harris Poll to gauge consumers’ thoughts around cooking to tell a national trend story that positions Fresh Cuts as an easy kitchen solution.
    • Design an instant-story infographic to share results in a quick and appealing format.
  • Focus on fast by partnering with Fox Sports analyst and three-time Super Bowl Champ Mark Schlereth for a national co-op Satellite Media Tour (SMT) to showcase how Fresh Cuts allows consumers to spend less time prepping and more time enjoying the Super Bowl.
  • Capitalize on New Year’s resolutions by positioning Fresh Cuts as the ideal meal prep helper in the Kitchen’s “Power Hour Meal Prep” series.


CaseStudyIcons BrandMessage 18

23.6M+ impressions generated from SMT

CaseStudyIcons Impressions 06

64.7M+ impressions generated from infographic

CaseStudyIcons Website 10

92% click-through rate on the KITCHN article; 5x the benchmark