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Just when you thought the Jersey Shore takeover might possibly [finally] be slowing down (I know, hard to believe, given the A-celeb level coverage given to the news of pickle queen Snooki’s little "gherkin" in the oven),  it’s expanded its reach once again. Joining

Since first offering 20-something American men the chance to smell like douche bags, Axe Body Spray has consistently marketed itself as a foolproof chick magnet. And when the company’s newest scent, Anarchy, debuts at the end of the month, women too

As if we needed another reason to love CNN’s silver fox, also known as the charming Anderson Cooper, now he’s become even more loveable on his new talk show under the influence of spray-tan sensation, Snooki of the Jersey Shore. Known

Emerging from relative obscurity to the pages of, Abercombie & Fitch made news recently with a statement urging Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his Jersey Shore cohorts to stop wearing its duds. The company even went so far as offering the

[youtube=] Women. Man, we’re just so hard to figure out. What makes us tick? What do we want? What turns us on? Psychologist Nick Neave, of Northumbria University in Newcastle, seems to have it figured out: dance moves. In a recent study,

Jersey Shore. G.T.L. Snooki. The Situation. Gorilla juiceheads. That is all anyone talks about lately. It drives me insane. How the hell these seven trashbags have sky-rocketed to “fame” is beyond me. Even more mysterious is how they are delusional enough to think that they deserve $10,000