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Ah, social media. What a fabulous and slightly horrifying part of the twenty first century. On one hand, it’s social media that keeps us connected with friends in faraway places and fills us in on crises as they unfold in

On a tight wedding budget? The Daily Mail UK may have the answer for blushing (or not so blushing) brides watching their pennies. If a destination wedding is your dream, why not splurge on flowers while nixing that pricey bridal

It’s no secret men and women alike can’t see a half-naked woman on a magazine page, billboard or TV screen without pausing to note the product or brand she’s hawking. (Wait, what?! That’s brand new information!) Lending yet more credence to

For a gadget that takes its name from a feminine hygiene product, the iPad sure has some hang-ups when it comes to lady bits. In his quest to uphold “moral responsibility,” Apple czar Steve Jobs has blocked pornographic content on the