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It seems like there’s a new genre of dating service popping up every day, each promising to help you meet your next darling/sugar/honey buns for life (or just for the night coughGrindrcough). A ladyfriend of mine who recently joined the

Last week marked the return of current reality televisions’ greatest gift to America: “Catfish.” If you have been living in a hole for the last year or so, a “catfish” is someone who creates a false identity on social media,

So just when I thought I've seen every possible online dating site imaginable,  I came across  a commercial for  Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a dating website targeting all the post-menstrual, hungry tigeresses out there in need

An interesting newcomer to the world of Internet dating services crossed my path recently. matches Harvard-educated men with discerning women. In other words, the site targets chicks looking for a rich or soon-to-be-rich bachelor with an impressive diploma. What has