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I admit to not really knowing anything about the celebrity Bella Thorne. I’ve heard her (almost too cool to be real) name thrown around and would recognize a photo, but beyond that, no clue what she acts in and/or sings. What

Everyone who is an avid reader knows that I am a hater of the narcissistic selfie. They are the absolute worst. Nothing makes me cringe more in discomfort than seeing someone smiling at themselves in their own camera. Self-obsessed much?

Smart Car USA launched a Twitter campaign for two days earlier this month that capitalized on our love of selfies. The promotion asked fans to tweet a selfie with the hashtag “#smartwrapme.” Smart Car then tweeted back with a photo

The caption above says it all about Lincoln’s famous night out at the theatre. And wouldn’t Instagram have made Paul Revere’s life SO much easier? Forget the midnight ride, he could just upload and tag a photo of those pesky invading

I used to be the first to question those who deem themselves “social media famous.” I recently met a girl who introduced herself to me as “Twitter famous.” I immediately judged her for such a bold statement, but let it