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Uber Tag

Cities across the country are clamoring for a chance to welcome Amazon’s second headquarters. The potential for an economic boom following Amazon’s fateful move to a new location is a huge draw for many city and state officials and locals.

Remember when Uber was first introduced and everyone thought it was kind of creepy to be driven around by complete strangers? How things have changed! My point is that ride-sharing apps are now considered a necessity for some.

It’s common knowledge that puppies help any situation. Want more Instagram likes? Add a puppy to your photo. Want to seem more approachable when you’re otherwise thought of as being hard AF? Be seen with a cute K9. This isn’t

I’m all about rolling up to an event in style. But Uber, the private driver app, is taking that to a whole new level. To coincide with the Cannes Film Festival, Uber launched UberCOPTER. Yes, it’s exactly what you think.