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I hate politics. I don’t like to comment on politics or bring up politics because frankly, I don’t think I know enough about it or follow it as well as I should to make statements about it. However, after last

Trump is often criticized for his outrageously delusional tweets (covfefe anyone?), but what’s most laughable about his 140 character rants are how casual they come across. I get it, tweets are a wonderful (incredible, just wonderful, truly incredible…) way to

As we all know, President Trump loves to late night tweet like a basic girl love rose wine. It’s common for his tweets to become the topic du jour for morning shows and newspapers, but nothing was quite as baffling

I’ve got a piece of overlooked non-fake news for you all: VP Mike Pence has an insta-famous pet bunny. Meet “Marlon Bundo”, better known to the world as our very own BOTUS. Marlon has a verified Instagram account with over 10k

No matter what side of the political aisle you identify with, we can all agree that this election and new administration is nontraditional. As a result, people are more passionate, more educated on the matters at hand, and are showing