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20 Things I’ve Learned in 20 Years

20 Things I’ve Learned in 20 Years

Twenty years ago today I officially opened the doors to marlo marketing or, as we were known at the time, marlo marketing/communications. I had only been in the industry for four and a half years at that point, after pivoting from the practice of law that I ended up not pursuing even after passing the bar in NY and MA. I had never intended to open my own agency, but I had a few clients willing to make the move with me so I said what the hell, gave it a shot, and never looked back. Now, with 20 years’ hindsight, was it the right move? I think so. I truly can’t imagine any other path and, after two decades, hundreds of employees, countless clients, three offices, and more than a few pretty challenging moments, I am so grateful to be able to raise a glass today to toast to marlo marketing’s longevity thus far and continued success in the future. As I reflect upon all that I’ve experienced since opening in 2004, I thought now would be as good a time as any to share the top 20 things I’ve learned over the past 20 years; hope you enjoy!


1. Everything happens for a reason — there is literally no other way to explain my life’s unexpected trajectory

2. Always trust your gut — hiring, clients, office space…if something feels off, it usually is

3. If you work hard for YOURSELF, everyone in your orbit will benefit — and YOU most of all

4. Relationships mean everything — who you know is truly more important than what you know

5. Getting out from behind your desk is critical to making authentic connections

6. Good role models/mentors are extremely hard to come by, so if you have the chance to be that for someone, do it

7. Life is a marathon, not a sprint

8. Continuous learning is the only way to stay ahead

9. Praise is as important as criticism

10. Being honest, straightforward, and direct is actually the kindest approach to everything

11. Identifying your innate skills is critical to achieving success — thankfully I recognized early on that my real skills are brand storytelling, messaging, relationship development, and party throwing!

12. Be grateful for everything you have, every day

13. Dogs make life better in every way

14. There are a lot of shitty marketing people out there, which means all it takes to stand apart is to do a good job

15. People will actually read your newsletter IF it’s funny, well-written, and culturally relevant

16. Taking time to refill your cup is truly the most important thing you can do

17. Personal agency — more so than time or money — is freedom

18. Rolling with the punches comes with the territory — as my favorite 10-year old knows, sometimes you just have to “get over it”

19. Never believe your own press

20. Don’t stop until you’re proud…and if you no longer care about being proud, it’s time to retire! (And no, I’m not there yet 😊)