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January 2011

This just in: Skinny Cow—which, by the way, makes pretty killer low-cal ice cream—has launched their newest marketing campaign to promote the five new flavors of their “perfectly portioned” ice cream cups. Skinny Cow asks, “what’s better than a perfectly portioned, low-fat

The Frisky recently highlighted bootights, the new “it” accessory for us New Englanders who rock good ‘ole boots from December-March every year. Half tight and half sock, this accessory gives the appearance of being your regular stylish tight, while also acting

Oh, Barbie. Veterinarian, school teacher, flight attendant, Gaga…psychopathic mutilator and killer. Enter photographer Mariel Clayton who, in a series of images entitled Door #3, explores America’s favorite faux, buxom-blonde bombshell’s darkest side.  Wonder where the inspiration comes from?  “You can't get to be

The first week of my brand-spanking-New-Year’s-resolution gym membership, I decided to try out one of the free classes offered, Sweat Box.  I thought it would be a mix between bikram-esque hot yoga and boot camp style aerobics with skinny, yuppie moms