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AI: Future Head of Sales?

AI: Future Head of Sales?

As the world continues to embrace AI with breakneck speed, I remain amazed at all the unexpected ways in which this technology impacts our business on a day-to-day basis.

Case in point, last week I was corresponding with a prospective client who had reached out via our website. As I always do, I inquired how he had heard of us. His response was a first (at least for me): “ChatGPT.”

Intrigued, I asked him what he used as the prompt that led to us. He replied, “Can you suggest a marketing and brand development firm that specializes in functional beverages in the Northeast.” I was surprised by the simplicity of the query — and of course, was extremely pleased that we were the immediate recommendation from this omnipotent AI brain that draws and synthesizes data from the public domain.

Admittedly, this was a use for AI I hadn’t even considered. At a time when much fear abounds around the potential negatives and pratfalls of the AI revolution, this interaction stopped me in my tracks and reminded me that along with the healthy dose of caution we should all have toward this technology, we should also remember that the full potential and capacity for using AI for business growth is yet to be reached — and every day a new surprise usage can delight us in an unexpected way.

In this case, regardless of whether the prospect becomes a client or not, I’m grateful for the continued experimentation and expansion of how people are using these tools to find solutions to their everyday business needs. Whether it’s a business looking for new marketing agency, or a marketing agency utilizing AI tools to help a business (which we do every day), I’m thrilled to have a front row seat to how it’s all unfolding.