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June 2012

When it comes to fashion, my suburbs-to-city commute and early morning wake-ups typically label me as more practical than chic. Footwear is no exception. My occasional pair of heels is usually tucked away in my oversized bag until I’m comfortably

…is apparently, not just for drinking (or singing along to when drunk at a dive bar). Scientist Gary Cass and artist Donna Franklin have uncovered that red wine — when paired with a bacteria — can actually create a unique, new fabric for clothing.

Fashion. It is an ever-evolving and controversial medium of self-expression. We live in a free country, so if you want to wear a floor-length rabbit fur coat, by all means. Just be aware that someone from PETA might throw a already turned you on (pun intended) to Whiskey Dick flavored lube, but the brown water isn’t always a foolproof solution when your dude gets a bit, shall we say, over-excited (and why wouldn’t he, you saucy minx). Designed to prevent