At marlo marketing, we’re known for a few things: the highest quality work, an unusual desire to be held accountable, and the utmost integrity.

To us, these traits seem like basic tenets of any business, to say nothing of one that involves the level of trust and collaboration required by a successful PR and marketing partnership. Yet so often, we’ve heard from clients that this hasn’t been their past marketing or public relations agency experience. Complaints we’ve heard time and again include lack of strategic thinking, inability to write thoughtful communications materials and failure to develop on-brand creative concepts designed to benefit the bottom line. At marlo marketing, you’ll have none of these concerns.

First and foremost, we stand for thoughtful messaging. How do we achieve that? Simple. We research. We talk to our clients, to their audiences, to their competitors. Once we’ve got the right messaging down, we incorporate it into every touch point: earned media placements, social media posts, media mailers, email marketing materials, advertising campaigns, and events, to name just a few.

Most importantly, we’re always thinking about our clients’ ultimate goals. Sure, it’d be great to be hired simply for our wit and charm, but we know that when clients spend their PR and marketing dollars, they’re looking for a return. And our goal is to make sure they get it. If we don’t think we can help someone be successful, then we’ll pass on the opportunity. Because at the end of the day, our reputation as one of the top marketing agencies in Boston and New York is more important to us than any fee we could charge.

In today’s world, where figuring out how to market your brand gets more and more confusing every day, put your trust in us. We promise, we won’t disappoint.