marlo marketing. fully integrated marketing, public relations, and creative services agency based in Boston, Massachusetts and New York City

From influencer engagement for luxury hotels to website design for assisted living communities to public relations for iconic beer brands, we cover a lot of ground.

In industry lingo, we’re considered a full-service integrated consumer marketing agency.

In our lingo? We just get sh*t done.

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We Are All In…

…Inspired by our clients

…Invested in their success

…Intent on delivering ROI

At marlo marketing, we’re known for a few things: the highest quality work, an unusual desire to be held accountable, and the utmost integrity.

To us, these traits seem like basic tenets of any business, to say nothing of one that involves the level of trust and collaboration required by a successful marketing partnership. Yet so often, we’ve heard from clients that this hasn’t been their past agency experience. Complaints we’ve heard time and again include lack of strategic thinking, inability to write thoughtful communications materials, and failure to develop on-brand, integrated creative programs designed to benefit the bottom line. At marlo marketing, you’ll have none of these concerns.

In today’s world, where figuring out how to market your brand gets more and more confusing every day, put your trust in us. We’ve built our brand on delivering results, not disappointment.

What Others Say

such a responsive, professional, and results-oriented team

Thank you for all the work you have done on behalf of the Boston Book Festival. Despite the rain on festival day, turnout was amazing! And we well know that good turnout is a function of great coverage, and the marlo marketing team made sure of that. It was a pleasure to work with such a responsive, professional, and results-oriented team.

Deborah Porter Founder, Boston Book Festival

integrating all aspects of marketing

In less than 18 months, marlo marketing has elevated the Alchemista brand in ways that I would not have thought possible when I initially came to them to just handle PR. I was very skeptical at the outset that outsourcing my marketing to an outside agency could ever achieve the same level of quality, care, and responsiveness, that an in house team could provide. In this short time, not only has marlo allayed my initial concerns, but I frankly cannot imagine any other approach for my business. Their approach of truly integrating all aspects of marketing from PR, to storytelling, to website, and demand gen -- not to mention important introductions to potential customers -- is something that every business should consider. Especially as a fast-growing startup, marketing needs are highly unpredictable, with ebbs and flows, and more skills needed than a startup -- even a late-stage one can afford. To be able to reach out and have the marlo team handle everything from sales decks to drafting RFP responses, to email campaigns, would require a massive in house marketing team -- which would be exponentially higher cost than marlo's fees, not to mention the overhead of hiring and maintaining a large number of employees to handle it all. Even with unlimited funding available, outsourcing seems to me to be the best use of funds. The ROI that marlo marketing has been able to provide is not just measurable in revenue, but the intangibles of knowing that all aspects of Alchemista now truly match my long-term vision for the brand.

Christine Marcus CEO, Alchemista

true professionals

Marlo has assembled a great team of true professionals at marlo marketing to support our brand building and PR initiatives. They have worked for us to execute campaigns, conduct desk-sides, follow up and come up with creative positioning of our treatments resulting in some excellent exposure and national press. The team, I consider, are 'real' sans the 'fabulous attitude' exuded by many other PR groups. It's a big deal when a real Yankees fan hires someone out of Boston but they've proven to be really worth it – I strongly recommend them!

Amos Lavian President/Founder, Dermelect Cosmeceuticals

they have delivered results

The marlo team has done an outstanding job getting out the Narragansett Beer story. We have received countless placements since 2009 on both the national and hyper-local level. They have delivered results with industry experts, traditional media outlets and cultural influencers. The team is great at developing an annual plan and then executing against it regularly.

Mark Hellendrung President, Narragansett Beer

we’ve been thrilled with publicity we’ve received

marlo marketing did an incredible job in terms of letting us meet the right influencers, whether that was bloggers or print media. We were able to coordinate our VIP openings to allow us to break into the market effectively. It was a very big deal for us to find the right local partner. Juice Press has the opportunity to be a national company. I feel like marlo’s been tremendously influential in that aspect. That’s just been consistent with all of our interactions. We’ve been thrilled with publicity we’ve received and so far our business has been terrific.

Michael Karsch Lead Investor & Chairman of the Board of Directors, Juice Press

they understood our objectives

We reached out to marlo marketing, they came on board, they understood our objectives [for the Lawn on D] in terms of reaching diverse audiences from the young people to the community of Boston and come up with an ingenious approach to how to reach each of those audiences in the ways they like to be reached…that has resulted in a small urban open space being visited by nearly a quarter of a million people. If I was again in a position wanting to reach different audiences using different forms of marketing media…I’d reach out to marlo marketing. They know how to get that done.

Jim Rooney President & CEO, Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

I have two words for you: marlo marketing

If you want restaurant marketing in Boston or anywhere in the United States, I have two words for you: marlo marketing. It’s that simple. We started working together over 10 years ago at Eastern Standard and our other restaurants. The team at marlo is strategic and thoughtful, creative and steadfast in keeping my brands relevant over the long-term. You want the best? It’s that simple. marlo marketing.

Garrett Harker Proprietor: Eastern Standard, The Hawthorne, Branch Line, Row 34, Island Creek Oyster Bar

a refreshing change of pace

We have worked with marlo on several projects over the years and their can-do attitude combined with their level of expertise in marketing, messaging and social media has been excellent. We have partnered in both new hotel openings as well as existing hotel and restaurant bar initiatives across a number of our managed properties – everything from completely integrated marketing programs to vlog creation to social influencer engagement initiatives. And not only do they know how to market travel, but they’re fun to work with and always tell it like it is, which is a refreshing change of pace.

Jeff Weggeman Senior VP of Sales, Marketing & E-Commerce, Pyramid Hotel Group

singlehandedly transformed our business

Marlo and her team singlehandedly transformed our business over a period of 15 months in a way that we had never experienced. The team truly served as our outsourced marketing department, delivering on everything from a refreshed brand identity to crystal clear messaging; expert positioning for our staff to a new website; email marketing to engaging social content; literally everything from a paid advertising strategy to instilling consistency across the dozens of email signatures on employees’ emails fell under their charge. They also instituted a proactive media relations program that resulted in compelling coverage in American Way, Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Natural Health, USA Today and Palm Beach Illustrated, to name but a few. The proof was in the results: the phones literally started ringing off the hook. We secured 200+ more visitor bookings (an average visitor booking is three weeks) than the previous year.

Sheila Skrobeck Former Director of Sales, Hippocrates Health Institute

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