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Representing clients from New York to Boston to Maine and beyond, we have successfully built restaurant and celebrity chef, restaurateur and mixologist brands on a national level, as well as locally and regionally in our clients’ hometown markets across the U.S.

From fast-casual chains and craft cocktail bars, to boutique private event venues, fine dining restaurants and everything in between, our restaurant PR team is particularly skilled at helping our clients create a strong brand presence by identifying elements that, together, authentically tell their unique story and create an emotional connection with their customer base, thus adding to the bottom line.

In an industry known for its many challenges, setting aside money to invest in building a strong brand and customer engagement using restaurant marketing tactics is simply smart business. After all, if no one knows about the one-of-a-kind gelato that comes from your custom machine, hand-forged in Roma and assembled on-site by Italy’s last remaining artisan…it’s just a bowl of vanilla ice cream.


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    Chris Westcott

    Vice President, Uno Dué Go

    We worked with the team from marlo marketing through the opening of our new brand, UNO fresco. As this was a brand launch, many details were emerging and changing throughout the process. The marlo team remained patient, focused on the end result and committed to fulfilling our expectations from start to finish. They were organized, delivered to every deadline and made a difference in the launch of this brand. I highly recommend them as a strategic business partner.

    Patrick Lee

    Owner, Grafton Group

    We initially hired Marlo to re-launch Grafton Street in early 2002, quickly realizing the value she brought to all of our establishments. While the amount of editorial coverage her team is able to consistently obtain for all of our locations is impressive, the added-value that they deliver – from private parties to new business relationships to marketing and advertising – has cemented marlo marketing’s importance in our business’ continued growth. Knowing we have found a true marketing partner, someone we can trust on every level, is worth every cent.

    Michael Leviton

    Owner, Lumière

    Marlo and her crew have completely changed my mind about PR. Over the past thirteen years, I have been through numerous PR firms and have also gone without PR for many years. Have I noticed a particular difference? Have I felt like the thousands of dollars were worth it? I was entirely skeptical. Ask her. But, I am now convinced. Here’s why: 

    She chooses her clients wisely, with regard to their ability to back up her efforts to promote them. It is all about the relationship. I have never felt like I was just one more client in her roster. It is about “marketing” and not just PR. No throwing parties or doing events that don’t show us off properly or lump us in with 25 other restaurants. I have been shown how to effectively and efficiently promote my businesses for what they are. Marlo and her team have been relentless in getting us access to those people who, when we do our jobs right, appreciate what we do and how we do it, and who will talk and write about it. Similarly, I really do believe that she and her team truly get what we are trying to accomplish, and that they take great pride in helping us succeed. And, perhaps most importantly, I feel very, very confident that I can leave this (PR) aspect of my businesses in her hands, knowing that it will be handled in a way that I feel comfortable with, thereby allowing me to concentrate on the aspects of my businesses that I do best.